It’s the day of the housewarming party but the atmosphere is tense between Jade and Kyle. Jade tries to make amends by giving him a list of all her wealthy clients but he’s not interested. However, she has a better idea and pays Lou a visit, asking him to invest in Kyle.

When Kyle visits, Lou tells him he’s decided to sell the car yard and wants to invest in his company, admitting that it was Jade’s idea. Back to being friends, and having had a drink, Kyle and Jade kiss at the party. Jade’s disappointed when Kyle maintains that they’re just mates.

At the hospital, Harold worries about Lou, but the doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong. Looking on into his hospital room, Harold reminisces about all the good times they’ve shared over the years. When Karl says he’ll be OK, Harold rushes into see him and tries to make him see sense and stop working.

Lou admits he’s practically broke and has no choice but to work. When Harold tells him he has no option but to sell the car yard, Lou’s not having any of it, but he knows it’s for the best.

Meanwhile, Mark’s concerned when he keeps getting crank phonecalls.

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