Can Jade stop Troy’s scheming?

Sonya is rushed to the hospital after her collapse but though they have several tense moments Rhys soon comes back with the news that she and the baby are fine. The intervention order still hangs over Toadie, however, and Jade realises that she has the only means of stopping Troy. The evidence of his mistreatment would damage his case and she threatens him with using it if he doesn’t leave town, but Troy calls her bluff. Later, Jade presents Toadie with the medical evidence. He’s very grateful but Sonya is furious at Jade’s revelations. Has Jade lost her sister for good?

Lou’s decided to accompany Dawn to Britain and Kate gets him to brush up on his UK history and geography. When Dawn tells him of her husband’s death, however, Lou’s guilt gets the better of him and he tells her he can’t take the trip with her – he’s not English after all. But Dawn’s known all along and just likes his company. The trip’s back on.

And Callum continues to reject Rani but when she turns up with flowers for Sonya, Callum’s parents make him see sense and a truce is called between the two kids.