Caroline is still holding Jake prisoner, while Loretta moves closer to discovering the truth about his disappearance. When Jake intends to make a run for it, Caroline is already one step ahead, spiking his drink. She tells Jake that she has a plan that will keep them together. As Caroline goes to carry out her plan, Jake is powerless to stop her.

Cindy and Tony drift apart and both find comfort in other people. Tony goes into work and finds a comforting presence in Theresa. Meanwhile, Cindy takes comfort from Darren and alcohol in a bid to avoid what is really happening.

Cindy tells Darren what a mistake Holly has been in her life and ponders what could have been if she had never had her. Tony and Theresa embark on a harmless flirtation but when it comes to Darren and Cindy, it’s obvious there is something still there.

Also; Calvin battles with Mercedes over what she has done, prompting Malachy to question them both. Malachy tries his best to rebuild his marriage, hiding his knowledge of Mercedes’ betrayal with Calvin. Carmel decides she can’t live with the consequences of Calvin’s secret and makes a major decision.

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