Can Jane prevent Ian taking his own life?

Jane panics when she wakes alone, realising Ian has disappeared. When she finds Ian’s letter she rushes to Sharon’s, revealing Ian has left a suicide note. While Jane heads to Lucy’s grave, Sharon prepares to follow, stopped in her tracks by an unexpected visitor. Jane finds Ian on a bridge, begging him to come down. Unable to ignore Jane’s pleas, Ian returns to safety and Jane’s arms. As the pair hug, Ian is stunned to see a face from the past… Standing on the bridge is Kathy!

Linda and Mick tell Babe that Jason needs to go or they’ll tell Elaine that they saw Babe and Jason together. After Babe ‘fesses up to Elaine, she’s frustrated when Elaine refuses to believe her. Finding Jason, Babe is shocked when he suggests robbing The Vic and leaving together! At a Spanish-themed party in the pub, Babe takes matters into her own hands, playing a recorded conversation with Jason to everyone.

Kush is concerned for Shabnam after talking to Linda and Stacey. Confronting his fiancée, Kush and Shabnam have a proper heart-to-heart. Meanwhile, Claudette clashes with Vincent when she thinks Ronnie shouldn’t stay for Jay’s birthday drinks.