Can Jas help troubled Alan?

Jas is out walking a friend’s dog when she literally bumps into Alan, who gets caught up in the lead, falls and injures his elbow. At home, Alan plays his radio loud to drown out the voices in his head and, in front of Jas, gets extremely distressed, but she manages to calm him down and gain his trust. However, when she reveals she’s a doctor, Alan gets agitated and hears voices again. He flees the park, leaving Jas concerned for him.

At the surgery, Jas reads Alan’s file and learns he has learning difficulties and was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia, but refused treatment. Jas notes down his address and heads off. Meanwhile, Alan’s mother Joclyn has hidden his radio and when Alan goes into a panic, Joclyn sedates him. When Jas arrives, she urges Joclyn to let her get psychiatric help for Alan, but she refuses: it’s always been just the two of them, no doctors!

Joclyn reveals how hard life’s been raising a son like Alan, before angrily telling Jas to take him away if that’s what she wants, she’s had enough… and Alan hears everything. Distraught, Alan locks himself in the bathroom but Joclyn persuades him to come out with the promise of his radio. Later, Joclyn admits to Jas that she can’t cope on her own – they need help. Can Jas ensure Alan gets the care he needs?

Meanwhile, Karen gets upset with Rob for taking her for granted and never making any effort. Rob knows he’s in the doghouse, so offers to cook her a special lunch. When Karen doesn’t show up, Rob goes to throw the food away but, instead, turns up at the surgery with the food in a Tupperware box. Alone, Karen looks inside the box to find a lovingly prepared tartlet in the shape of a heart. But is it too little too late?