Can Jas win back Aran?

Having wormed her way onto the communications training day to try and snare Aran again, Jas lies to Aran that she was sent on the course to improve her communication skills, while Aran explains his presence is due to him being made head of department at work. Jas convinces Aran to partner up with her for the day’s activities and when they score highly in their first blindfolded communication task, Jas remarks how compatible they are.

When Aran mentions fiancee Hamara and makes a barbed comment that it’s nice to finally be with someone who knows what they want, Jas is shocked – she didn’t realise how much hurt he still has. Later, Jas suggests they go for a drink to celebrate their scores, but Aran has to get back to Hamara. As they say goodbye, Aran tosses Jas a toy soldier from their memory exercises: it was good to see her. Jas’s hope is restored.

Meanwhile, Karen’s bored being stuck at home and tricks Mrs Tembe into taking her into work – Emma doesn’t think it should be a problem, as long as everyone remembers she’s ill. Kevin and Mandy are fascinated by Karen’s complete inability to remember them, while Karen becomes smitten with Chris when he treats her normally and offers her a cuppa. But Emma’s not impressed.

Later, Karen comes to see Chris in the nurses’ treatment room for some cotton buds to tidy her running make-up, and gets flirty with him, making out she’s got something in her eye. Chris makes an excuse to escape and, later, awkwardly tells Karen he’s not interested – he wasn’t even born in 1984, the beginning of Karen’s memory blank! Karen’s left feeling old before her time.

Also, Al visits a patient who is after some of his bedside manner, but ends up getting drawn into a neighbourly dispute.