Jason feels terrible and wishes he’d trusted Eva and Tony. Todd feigns concern while Jason apologises to Tony, telling him if it’s any consolation, he’s lost everything. In a last ditch attempt to save his relationship, Jason shows Eva the surprise tickets for New York. Pointing out that the flight leaves this evening, Jason implores her to forgive him. Jason’s on tenterhooks as Eva arrives and reiterates the fact they’re over.

Tony surprises Liz with some concert tickets, but she’s not in the mood with Steve so poorly. Fed up, Tony’s only too happy to meet up with Tracy. Leaving Todd in the shop, a scantily clad Tracy shows Tony into No 1. But when they’re interrupted by Ken and Amy, Tony’s forced to hide outside while Tracy stuffs his clothes down the back of a chair.

Lloyd arrives back from Spain and with little choice, Andrea explains to him how Steve crashed the minibus, Sinead may never walk again and Steve’s been diagnosed with depression.

Maria’s pleased to see Luke and Liam getting on so well.