Can Jean convince Michael to stay?

Janine is frantic about her baby and a missing Michael, who is in Butcher’s Joints grabbing anything that’s useful. Jean finds him and locks the door, insisting he can’t run away. Jean brings out Michael’s St Christopher to convince him to return to the hospital, Michael finds Janine and the baby and insists he’s not going anywhere.

Max confronts Jay about the sabotaged cars, but Jay denies it. Meanwhile, Lola’s been sacked by Lucy and wanting to get her in trouble pours chip fat over Max’s cars. Max takes the bait, assuming Lucy was taking revenge on Derek. Phil threatens Lucy with social services and scared of losing Bobby, she agrees to pay for the damage. Things get even worse when Lucy finds her electric has been cut off.

Kim suggests that Ray move in with her when he complains that his rent has gone up. Ray is reluctant as he isn’t sure Kim can really get on with Sasha. Kim makes an effort with Sasha, but in her bid to bond tells her a bit too much about her past conquests. Ray finds out and is livid; he definitely won’t be moving in!