Can Jenny help an ailing father?

The crowded living conditions in Poplar have always meant that tuberculosis has been something that the residents have had to live in constant fear of.

However, there’s hope for the many people who live there when a new method of diagnosis is created. With the use of X-rays, doctors realise that they can diagnose the disease early enough to try and treat people and save their lives.

The dashing Dr Turner is adamant that the community will no longer suffer and be fearful of such a terrifying illness.

It’s medical progress that Jenny and the rest of the midwives and nurses at Poplar are thrilled with. However, Jenny’s elation is short-lived when she’s called to a house where the disease has taken hold. Mr Masterson is gravely ill with the disease, and both his daughter Julia and also Jenny are distraught at the thought that he, too, could well be claimed by TB. And unfortunately for them, he is sadly claimed by the awful illness.

Plus, Dr Turner secures a visit from the TB screening van for Poplar. However, the medical results for one of their own result in heartbreak.