When Jimmi tells Cherry that he’s heard on the grapevine that the CPS have a strong case against Heston she’s determined to do something to help and is shocked that Freya would rather not get involved. Freya tells Mandy there is no smoke without fire, but Mandy thinks they should support their colleague. Later Jimmi has some CCTV footage from the station of Heston’s attack; he and Cherry are shocked by what they see.

Meanwhile, Julia goes for lunch with Martin in a bad mood after he moves the time and venue to his office. He shows her the plans for his grand design project and she sees that he is over-budget. Julia gets stuck into a few phone calls and before long has bargained Martin some hugely improved deals from suppliers. Martin is impressed he’s back under budget and Julia is impressed with the project. Martin invites her to come and see it this weekend and Julia agrees.

Also, when Imogen babysits a teenage neighbour she’s alarmed when his girlfriend arrives claiming to be pregnant.