Jimmi is polite to Sissy as she brings him his breakfast and humours Ivor on his way out to work. But he’s actually attempting to escape and tries to get the attention of the gas meter man outside. Ivor turns up and sends the meter man packing. Only Sissy’s interruption saves Jimmi from Ivor, but then she twists his hair, intent on punishment.

Charlie sets Heston up on a date. The woman, Celia, is the opposite of Lily and laughs at all of his jokes. However, Heston realises that Celia will laugh at anything, and she’s soon driving Heston up the wall.

Heston is amazed when his mobile phone rings as he hardly ever uses it, but it’s Michelle offering him an excuse to leave the date if he needs it!

Also, a father finds the origins of a honeytrap blackmail scam too close to home for comfort.

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