As Chris has one last final meal with his mother before turning himself in to the police, Emma begs him to reconsider but Chris’s mind is made up. At the police station, Jimmi collars Chris before he confesses his crime and makes a huge effort to convince Chris to rethink – he tries to make Chris see he was manipulated, that he isn’t a danger to patients and that he’s suffered enough. Later, Emma arrives expecting Chris to be locked up and is relieved to find him with Jimmi. It seems Chris has been given food for thought and decides not to turn himself in – he wants to be free!

Meanwhile, Howard has attended a course on inclusion in the workplace and wants to put what he’s learned into practice. Spotting a mother breastfeeding her baby in the reception area, Howard decides to be helpful and offers the woman, Gill, the use of a private room to make her more comfortable. But his well-meaning gesture backfires when Gill goes ballistic – what a dinosaur, trying to get the breastfeeding woman out of sight! Howard’s mortified.

Also, things are frosty between Karen and Zara following last night’s babysitting incident. Tensions soon boil over and Zara only calms down when Daniel assures her they won’t use Karen as a babysitter ever again.

And Rob is forced to step in when an ex-copper starts investigating his new neighbours – but who are the mysterious couple?