Jimmi has been taken to St. Phil’s for recuperation overnight and Lily and Julia visit him first thing. They are taken back by his physical transformation and by his level of trauma, he’s withdrawn and won’t engage.

When he is feeling more talkative, Jimmi decides to speak to a journalist about his story. Despite her rough tactics, Jimmi makes his point with control and compassion. Sissy and Ivor weren’t monsters, they were mentally ill, and need help and support, not demonising.

Daniel, trying to look to brighter things, gets Zara alone and tells her he’s got Izzie again next week, would she like to join them? Zara is scornful, has he even spared a thought for his friend? Daniel says he’s sick of being blamed, but Zara says she has no intention of joining him: Izzie is his daughter, he should make an effort.

Also, Charlie ineptly helps two sisters realise it really is good to talk.

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