Can Joe escape Mad Dan’s clutches?

There’s been an explosion in the woods, but while Pc Younger thinks it’s a meteorite, Pc Joe Mason finds remains of dynamite at the blast site, and is certain there’s more to the explosion than a falling star. DS Dawson tells Miller that quarry owner Larry Fowler has supposedly been supplying dynamite to armed robbers and Joe is sent undercover to find out more. Meanwhile, Peggy learns that the ‘meteorite’ rocks could be invaluable and starts planning her fortune.

Joe introduces himself as John McRae to owner Larry and worker Mad Dan Neeley and soon gains their trust. But while searching the quarry’s explosives store, Joe hears Dan threaten Fowler and realises that he is the mastermind behind the dynamite robberies. Dan invites Joe to join in a job at the Northern Provincial Bank the next day. Now he has the information he needs, Joe wants to get away but Dan tells him that they’re staying together until the job’s done.

Joe manages to get a message to Wetherby and hopes the police have enough information to stop the robbery taking place. The next morning, the police wait outside the entrance of the bank, not realising Dan’s gang are accessing the vault from underground. When Fowler admits he wants out, Joe confesses he’s a police officer.

But Fowler is quick to shop Joe to Dan and warns him the bank is surrounded by cops. An angry Dan forces Joe into his truck and heads back to the quarry and the explosives store. Will the police get to Joe before Dan goes really mad?

Also, Dawn and David head into the woods in search of aliens – and when bright lights appear behind the trees, the scared pair race to the pub to tell their story.