Can John forgive Marilyn?

Jett tricks John by pretending that Marilyn is hurt and needs his help. John rushes from the gym to the Diner to help her – only to find that Marilyn is fine. John and Marilyn get Jett back by playing a prank, pretending that Marilyn is missing and John’s called the police. Jett admits all, only to realise he’s been pranked. However, Jett doesn’t mind because Marilyn and John are friends again.

Rosie’s foster mum, Kerry, tells Bianca that she knows nothing about the sexual assault. Kerry decides that their home may not be ideal for Rosie and her baby. But when Kerry takes Rosie for her appointment at the hospital, she has a change of heart and promises they can talk about her living situation. Bianca’s on a high until Heath reveals that Adam’s alive.

Brax and Heath are floored when they receive a phone call from Adam. He wants payback, and hangs up. Adam then visits Casey, revealing that Tamara’s fate is in Brax’s hands. Meanwhile, Heath can’t find Bianca and blames Ricky, but Brax rejects that idea. Brax visits Casey and promises he’ll get Tamara back. Later, Brax gets a call from Adam who reveals that he’ll let Ricky or Tamara go, he can choose. But if he’s not fast Adam will choose for him.