Can John move on from Gina?

John takes his wedding ring off, but when Alf finds John toying with the ring in his office, it’s clear he hasn’t really let go. John goes to Gina’s Memorial Bench and when he gets a call from Marilyn he puts the ring in his pocket, and prepares to move forward. But when he gets home, he can’t find the ring and turns the place upside down looking for it. Marilyn arrives, but John makes an excuse and sends her off, completely bamboozled.

Maddy suggests that Josh skips school with her, but when Alf catches them kissing he takes Maddy to task, but she’s clear – she won’t be pushed around. A shocked Josh tells her to grow up and show Alf some respect. Maddy is forced to reveal that she’s missing Roo, and thought that if Roo knew Alf was struggling she’d come home early. When she explains her feelings to Alf and apologises, peace is restored.

Although he has feelings for her, Casey encourages Denny to stop giving Chris the cold shoulder. Denny and Chris finally talk – if she’s going to give him a second chance, she needs to drop his act. Chris jumps off the Pier and when Denny jumps in with him, the couple kiss. Meanwhile, Casey finds the money Phoebe’s father offered Kyle.