Can John woo Marilyn back?

Marilyn and John decide to go on a date but, devastated that Marilyn has no memory of him, John decides to end things for good. Marilyn chases after him and tells him that she understands why they fell in love and begins to remember their wedding, making John ecstatic.

It’s the morning after Matt and Charlotte’s latest night of passion, but Matt is keen to get going. As he leaves, he’s unaware that he’s being watched. Matt tells Josh about his steamy session with Charlotte, but Josh warns his friend it won’t end well.

With the unknown person watching Charlotte’s flat, Josh pays her a visit and asks her to stay away from Matt. Later, there is a knock at Charlotte’s door, and she finds a note, which reads: ‘I’m watching you’.

Alf and Roo have a blazing row when he refuses to give her and James his blessing. When James pays Alf a visit and delivers a thinly veiled threat, the conversation pushes Alf to get Morag to do a background check on Roo’s fiancée.