Can Jonny tell Jac he wants their baby?

After finding out last week that their unborn daughter has a serious condition giving her a 50 per cent chance of surviving beyond birth, Jac and Jonny haven’t spoken about whether to keep the baby or opt for a termination. So, nurse Jonny’s shocked when, this week, the fiery surgeon bluntly tells him she’s already booked herself in for an abortion, and he’s furious she’s made that decision without talking to him first.

When Jonny reveals he wants his baby to have a fighting chance, obstetrician Mr Thompson urges Jonny to tell Jac how he feels and discreetly gives him the details of the clinic Jac’s booked into for her termination. Jonny dashes off to the clinic, repeatedly calling Jac’s phone but she doesn’t answer. He desperately wants Jac to know their daughter already has the best chance – because Jac’s her mum.

However, Jonny’s deflated when he finally arrives at the clinic, only to be told Jac’s already left. Has she gone through with the termination?

Meanwhile, Malick is keen to prove to Hanssen that he can meet his responsibilities as clinical skills tutor. But will new junior doctor Zosia prove too much for him to handle?

And Chrissie is determined to treat today like any other day, despite the fact she’s starting treatment for cancer.