Rosie’s stunned when farmer Simon Langley-Smythe shoots dead her aunt’s dog, Snowy, accusing her of trespassing. Rosie reports the incident to Pc Rob Walker, but when Rob goes to visit Simon, he’s less than co-operative. Back at the station, Rob discusses his encounter with Simon and Miller urges Rob to leave it alone.

Meanwhile, Simon’s wife Julie (played by Charlie Brooks, pictured) is struggling to settle her newborn baby and Simon becomes enraged with his wife. The next day, Carol sees Julie out shopping and notices she has a black eye, which Julie admits Simon gave her. That evening, Carol tells Rob she wants to help Julie take action against Simon.

Next morning, Rob pays another visit to Simon against Miller’s advice. Rob finds Simon out shooting with Lord Ashfordly and, not wanting Ashfordly to find out what happened with Snowy, Simon gives him his own version of events. But Simon gets defensive when Rob asks about his wife. Will Simon’s response make Ashfordly suspicious?

Later, Simon sees red when he spots Julie talking to Rob, and when Julie comes home from the pub after a drink with Carol, Simon beats his wife to a pulp. Julie manages to alert Carol before Simon rips the phone from her and Carol arrives with Rob to find Julie unconscious and bleeding in the middle of the road. Can they save her?

Also, a group of kids get one over on Pc Younger, and everyone’s thrilled when Gina and Phil announce their engagement.