Can Karen create the perfect Christmas?

Jack is going travelling over Christmas and sets off tomorrow. He, Rob and Imogen all make jokes about the disastrous Hollins’ Christmases they have endured over the years. Karen snaps; be back home at 1pm! She goes shopping, buying a tree, presents and a turkey from Arthur the butcher.

At home, Karen tells her family they are going to have the most perfect Christmas day today, if it kills her and they all set to work decorating the tree and wrapping presents. Suddenly the doorbell rings; its Auntie Ag but Karen insists she won’t let Ag ruin her day.

Karen cuts the turkey into small pieces as it won’t fit in the oven and smoke soon fills the kitchen. Back at the Butcher’s, Karen begs for another turkey. Karen phones Rob and asks him to put the oven on, but drives away with the turkey on the roof. Shamefaced, Karen returns to the butchers.

Arthur refuses to give Karen another turkey so she asks for cumberland sausages. When Karen arrives home with the shop-bought sausages, Ag says she isn’t surprised Jack doesn’t want to be here for Christmas. Karen loses it; she just wanted a perfect day and all her family have done is moan. Ag passes out from too much sherry and Karen stomps off to bed.

Later Rob, Jack and Imogen are getting dinner ready. They all apologise to Karen and explain how they don’t want a perfect Christmas, they want their Christmas. Finally Rob hands over some diamond earrings he bought Karen and she is moved to tears.

Meanwhile, Zara is horrified when Daniel reveals who they will be spending Christmas with.