Can Karen help celebrity magician Susie Vine?

When Susie Vine, a brash former celebrity magician bumps into Karen in the shop, Karen is excited to spot a celebrity. When Susie steals Karen’s mobile phone under the guise of performing a magic trick, Karen tracks her down and soon realises that all is not well in Susie’s world. Years ago, Susie discovered her husband Jeremy – the other half of magical double act ‘Vine and Weevil’ – was having an affair when she found him in a compromising position with a stage-hand live on TV.

Since then, Susie hasn’t worked and she’s a joke in the industry. Although Susie tries to laugh it off, Karen can see she’s living in relative poverty and is miserable and she can sense that Susie still has feelings for the man she divorced and hasn’t seen for years. Karen convinces Susie to see Jeremy perform a kids’ magic show in the local library. Despite her initial hostility, when Jeremy’s show flounders, Susie steps in and the two are reunited at last.

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe’s having a day off when she bumps into Claire from the church café. After telling Mrs Tembe all about her dead-beat ex, Claire then asks for Mrs Tembe’s advice regarding Josh. Mrs Tembe’s reluctant to get involved but when Claire reassures her she knows about Josh’s past – although she doesn’t actually know about his convictions for rape, Mrs Tembe is swayed. Later, she lends Josh the money to take Claire out on a date, believing she has done a good deed.

Also, determined to get to the bottom of the seemingly supernatural incidents in his house, Heston recruits Al to help him find a home surveillance system. Once the cameras are set up in the house, however, we see Heston sleep-walking around. It’s clear that HE is the source of all the strange things occurring there…