Determined to win Rob back, Karen heads to the house wearing hardly anything under a long fur coat but her not-so-subtle methods of seduction are completely lost on Rob. When Rob heads upstairs, Karen decides to pounce on him but she misjudges her timing and falls awkwardly. As Rob heads downstairs for some frozen peas and painkillers, Karen asks him not to leave before moving in for a kiss, which stuns Rob.

Karen says she has remembered having feelings and flings her coat open, suggesting he might want to carry her back upstairs. Rob awkwardly attempts it but then puts her down saying he has pulled something. Later, they are both lying on the bed and Rob, still pretending to have done his back in, teases that he’ll just lie there and Karen can do all the work.

Over at The Mill, Jimmi’s keen to talk to Chris after what Karen told him about his altercation with a van driver. When Chris says he came off his bike and went into a tree, and Jimmi replies that at least he doesn’t have to deal with unpredictable motorists, it dawns on Chris that Karen’s told Jimmi about what she saw the other day. Chris denies provoking a fight and walks off.

Later, Jimmi catches Chris taking some heavy duty painkillers and tells him that his injuries aren’t consistent with his explanations. Chris tells Jimmi to mind his own business and, when Jimmi goes to touch his arm, Chris turns violent in a flash.

Also, Daniel discovers that a patient with an aneurysm has further medical complications. They wait anxiously for her test results – but will she be able to have the operation that could save her life?