Undaunted by Susan’s refusal, Karl is confident that he knows her better than she knows herself and tells Ajay that, as long as he plays his cards right, he’ll win her over. Susan, however, tells Priya that all she wants from Karl is friendship.

Meanwhile, Ajay and Karl are putting on a gig in aid of baby Patrick but when Paul puts pressure on for it to be performed at Charlie’s, Ajay refuses to play, not wanting to give Paul the satisfaction. It looks like Karl will be alone on stage until Priya presents her husband with a reality check and changes his mind. He arrives at the last minute to put on an energetic performance and Priya, seeing Ajay happy for the first time in ages, wonders if she may get a chance to mend her relationship with her husband.

Later, Karl wins a night at Lassiters in the fundraiser raffle and wonders if he can get Susan to join him. His hopes seem dashed, however, when Susan is upset to learn that Paul has sold the Erinsborough News!

Also, Tash lets Andrew know that she won’t play second fiddle to his business but Andrew, after telling his father to stay out of his relationship, makes up with her and plans a romantic escape with his girlfriend.