Phoebe has been missing for a day, so Kat files a police report. She searches Phoebe’s room for clues and comes across a recording device, and traces the location of the device’s signal. Meanwhile, Ryan forces Phoebe to sing Amazing Grace, Ryan is moved and closes his eyes as she sings. Taking her chance, Phoebe knees him in the groin and manages to escape. She runs outside into Kyle’s arms and Kat arrests Ryan.

Andy and Hannah are completely in love and the pair seems to be bonding even more, with Andy using his newfound gym training skills to help Hannah on her way to recovery.

Nate receives some advice about moving on with his life and starts by asking Kat out on a date and she very willingly accepts.

When another day passes, without any communication from Maddy, Oscar decides to dump her. However, he soon sees her in her school uniform and realises his mistake.