Kat is in two minds over what to do when she receives a key to a flat from her mystery lover, who is trying to tempt her into more secret assignations. Kat tries to get Alfie’s attention in a bid to resist temptation but Alfie is too caught up with organising the football team. Later that night after putting Tommy to bed Kat lets herself into the love nest and greets her unseen lover…

Michael, not realising Janine has changed the safe combination, is under the impression his relationship with Janine is stronger than ever. After a scare with Scarlett, Janine calls Michael needing support – just as Michael finds out about the safe. Crushed by Janine’s mistrust he heads to the hospital. As he watches from a distance while Janine tenderly cradles Scarlett he feels left out.

Shirley offers to watch Lola for Billy as Lola has been grounded. When Shirley removes the handle from Lola’s bedroom door to stop her sneaking out Lola smashes a window. Shirley rushes in, the door slams, and they’re trapped inside. Shirley and Lola have a heart-to-heart before Billy turns up and rescues them.

Also, Rose leaves Walford to visit Dot.