Kat and Robbo are working tirelessly to try and uncover his identity. As they go through the police database, they are interrupted by Ash, who’s desperate to salvage his relationship with Kat. The couple argue, so Ash storms off and Kat returns to Robbo. Later, Kat and Robbo walk home to the caravan park and the pair are interrupted by Ash. Robbo’s had enough of Ash’s attitude and the two men come to physical blows. The fight is eventually broken up, but Scarlett has seen everything and goes to console Ash. The pair talk and agree Robbo’s not to be trusted. Could they be right, especially when Kat finds a mysterious item in his belongings?

Meanwhile, an angry and confused Claire wants answers and demands that someone tells her why her husband Wally, has been making numerous trips to Summer Bay. Irene, Olivia and Hunter keep quiet at first, but Irene starts to speak up and suggests that Claire needs to get Wally to explain. Claire refuses to listen and claims that Wally is having an affair with Leah! As Wally refuses to own up to the real reason why he’s in Summer Bay, Leah blurts out the truth. Will Wally and Hunter ever have a relationship now?

Also, Ash’s friendship with Tori is under an immense amount of strain. Tori confides in Leah, who says Ash has been spending a lot of time with her lately. Later, Ash sits Tori down for a heart to heart, is their friendship over?