With time running out, Paul ignores Kate’s warning and reveals Brennan’s death to Priya. Although sympathetic, Priya stands firm, forcing Paul to turn to Noah once more. Noah’s appeal convinces Priya not to refer Kate’s case to the Victorian Institute of Teaching, but Kate’s furious Paul used Brennan’s death as an excuse, fearing Sophie will find out.

Kate’s fears are released when Sophie learns the truth and confronts her sister about yet another secret kept form her. Kate tries to explain everything she does is about protecting Sophie, but Sophie makes it clear she doesn’t need her protection or anything from her anymore. Sophie’s rejection forces Kate to reconsider her life and, tired of always being the good girl, but still getting nowhere, Kate quits teaching and her old life.

Worried that Summer will have second thoughts about re-sitting her Literature exam, Andrew checks in constantly from schoolies. Frustrated, Summer urges him to go and have some fun, but Andrew fears he may have had too much when he wakes up form a big night out with a tattoo of Summer’s name. Panicked Andrew tries to convince himself it will be OK until he learns the tattoo doesn’t actually say ‘Summer’, but ‘Pickles’.