Can Katie withstand Ella’s envy?

So, Declan likes Katie and she can tell, but she knows that Ella still wants him back and she knows that Mia wants her mum and dad to be reunited. The only person who doesn’t want it is Declan and he makes that perfectly clear to Katie. He doesn’t appear to have made it as clear to Ella, though, who has cooked his favourite lunch and is insisting he eats it. Declan wants to focus on dinner, though – with Katie. You can almost hear the ticking as this set-up prepares to explode.

Jared is another time bomb which could go off at any time and wreck Amy’s new life. He’s blackmailing Amy; he wants money or he’s going to tell Val and Pollard everything. Ah, now Amy’s on familiar ground – this is what she did to David and Pollard. But she doesn’t like being the victim. She pays Jared 50 pounds, but that’s not going to keep him quiet for long.

Rhona’s been away for a while now and Marlon’s desperate to see his son Leo. Bad news is, though, that she’s staying away another week.