Gloria and Sigourney are just a few short days away from the opening of their salon. As both watch the door hoping for the arrival of either Heston or Kevin, Sigourney’s heart leaps when a man does turn up… but it’s only Barry, who’s there to fix their dodgy plumbing. However, when Barry makes a fumbling attempt to ask Sigourney out for a date sometime, she has to awkwardly but definitively reject him. 

Knowing that Sigourney has eyes for Kevin, Barry childishly lashes out, and smears Kevin’s reputation with Sigourney by telling her all about the Lauren episode – when he was held as a serious suspect for the murder of a girlfriend – and the Freya one, which similarly ended in tragic death.  Barry acts as if he’s doing this to protect Sigourney, letting her know what sort of man Kevin Tyler really is!

Kevin does eventually appear at the salon wanting to ask Sigourney out for dinner – in spite of everything, he knows there’s chemistry between them. “In spite!”, Sigourney counters before unloading on Kevin for being arrogant – given his speckled relationship history, she reckons she’s dodged a bullet. Kevin says if she’s the sort to listen to malicious gossip, then it’s his lucky escape, not hers. Kevin storms out, leaving Sigourney fuming…

Also, love is at stake when a pair of star-crossed lovers are reunited in The Mill – who thought one another dead and emigrated.