Pam urges Molly to work on her marriage but it soon becomes clear that she has no such intention, as she heads over to see Kevin for a touch of afternoon fun. Getting off on the risk the pair get steamy in the Websters’ bed but when they hear noises downstairs they freeze in a state of panic. As Sophie heads upstairs it looks like they’re about to be caught in the act.

Tony‘s first court appearance is due. As Carla slides into the back of the courtroom she locks eyes with Tony. Her face registers nothing but as Tony’s charged with murder she’s clearly shaken. Michelle is too and as Tony’s led away she jumps to her feet and launches a blistering attack.

Hayley starts her new job as manager of Underworld, and Janice enjoys rubbing Sally’s nose in the fact that she’s been demoted. But as the girls bicker Carla takes control. After weeks of gossip about Underworld’s future the girls are left in doubt that the boss is back.

Also, Audrey details Gail’s terrible track record with men, and hopes she can make her change her mind about Joe. But Gail’s adamant she loves Joe and intends to marry him.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Sophie is slowly coming up the stairs and Kevin and Molly are frozen to the spot. Kevin’s petrified at the thought of his daughter catching him with his best mate’s wife but at the last minute Sian calls up to Sophie that she’s found the book they need downstairs. As the girls go Kevin and Molly breath a sigh of relief. But with time to reflect Molly admits that at least it would have forced them to come clean about their affair. But when Kevin is hesitant it’s clear that Kevin is unsure he can bring himself to leave Sally.

Carla leaves court and an angry Michelle corners her demanding to know if she knew that Tony was Liam’s killer. Carla denies all knowledge of it, but back at the factory she’s clearly shaken.

Becky‘s stunned back at the Rovers when Claire calls a truce before suggesting they should go to drama classes together. Lloyd begs Teresa to try and get on with Liz for his sake. But it’s not long before the two women are trading insults again.

Also; John can’t help but be pleased when Rosie tells him that thanks to him she’s thinking of going back to college.

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