Can Kevin help Adam battle his demons?

Kevin attends Norbrook Comprehensive School to give a Careers Talk, where he meets barrister and ex-student Adam Batty and airline pilot Nicola Smithson. After headteacher Leon Mayhew gives them all a tour of the school, Adam tells Kevin he was the fat kid at school and was badly bullied – he thought coming back would allow him to settle some old scores. Nicola and Kevin give their speeches but, when it’s Adam’s turn, he can’t do it. As Adam looks down at his tablet, the words start to distort and all he can hear are the kids chanting ‘Fatty! Fatty!’, which brings on a panic attack.

When he finally talks, Adam remembers one P.E. lesson when he’d forgotten his kit and recalls how the teacher made him strip down to his pants and run 10 laps of the sports hall. Known as ‘Fatty Batty’ ever after, Adam identifies the bullying teacher… as Leon! As Adam reveals he now stands up for victims of bullying through his work, the kids applaud Adam – and boo Leon. Kevin congratulates Adam, who leaves with his head held high, his demons laid to rest.

Meanwhile, Karen arranges to go out with Emma but then cancels on her when Rob reveals he’s made plans for them this week. When Emma is rescued by new girl Niamh, she suggests a dinner party in Niamh’s honour, which leaves Niamh touched.

Also, after her recent meetings with Josh, Mrs Tembe calls Rob to ask his opinion on whether violent criminals can change and he says that, while behaviour can stop, he believes that violent instincts never go away. Mrs Tembe thanks him and hangs up, looking concerned…