Can Kevin help bride-to-be Faith?

Kevin’s telling a disapproving Mandy about his latest conquests, when he gets a call from Faith Rigbey – after their sexual encounter on her hen night, she’s decided to cancel her wedding! Mandy urges Kevin to stop Faith making what could be the biggest mistake of her life, so Kevin finds himself reluctantly sitting in a hotel room with Faith who’s still in her wedding dress. 

Kevin there to try and convince Faith that Dave’s the one – but when she claims their night together was awful, Kevin’s defiant – he’s never had any complaints! When Faith says she’s never enjoyed sex and was just testing it out on him, Kevin wants to know if she’s on any meds or has any underlying health issues. Convinced she’ll have feelings eventually, Faith suddenly kisses Kevin but admits she felt nothing.

Kevin is crushed and when Faith confirms she’s never enjoyed kissing or having sex with man, he wonders if she’s considered she might be gay. Stunned, Faith finally admits she’s been with a woman once and enjoyed it and Kevin urges her to tell Dave the truth. Kevin returns to The Mill and tells Mandy he’s cancelled his date for that night – but when she catches him flirting with a patient she realises he hasn’t changed a bit!

Also, when Rob is called to investigate a stolen car, he finds himself dealing with a complicated case of domestic abuse.