Dance legend Lionel Blair guests this week as Michael, a former actor, who’s come to the Campus for a prescription for cream that Kevin discovers he actually received last Friday, although he insists he hasn’t got it. Then when Kevin sees that Michael’s left his walking stick in the consulting room, he asks Mrs Tembe to check Michael’s family history and she discovers that Michael’s mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, died 20 years ago.

Kevin reckons Michael could be showing signs of Alzheimer’s but, he seems happy enough, so is it worth putting him through tests when there’s little they can do? Emma tells him they have to have him tested, at least then Michael can tell his family and put his affairs in order if he is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Kevin goes to Michael’s to return his walking stick that Michael reveals belonged to his wife, who died two years ago.

When Michael says he definitely hasn’t got his cream, Kevin suggests he checks his wallet and Michael’s surprised to discover the prescription. He claims he’s just getting old but when Kevin suggests doing some tests, Michael grows agitated and calls out to his wife to ask where the tea is… and suddenly realises what he’s done. Michael grows angry with Kevin for wanting to diagnose him with something awful and tells Kevin to leave.

Later, Kevin phones Michael to apologise but Michael doesn’t remember seeing him at all that afternoon. Kevin lies to Michael that he’d agreed to have some tests done. Michael doesn’t remember this but agrees to come in tomorrow. That night, Michael watches an old film, oblivious to the conversations he’s had that day with Kevin.

Meanwhile, Mandy continues to enjoy Lois’s company, while Imogen gives Rob some home truths.