Can Kevin win Sally back?

As Sally speaks to her solicitor about ensuring she gets half of Kevin‘s windfall, an expensive bouquet arrives. Thrilled, she gushes about Jeff, but when she thanks him for the flowers he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Kevin’s amused, but the smile’s wiped off his face when his solicitor tells him Sally could get half his winnings. Kevin’s furious and vents at a young lad who’s come to the garage looking for Tyrone.

Jim begs Steve to reconsider throwing Liz out, but when he refuses to budge the fight turns dirty. With Steve out, Jim meets Liz in the Rovers with Richard, an old Newton and Ridley contact. Explaining how Steve’s running the pub into the ground Liz insists with her at the helm again it could be a goldmine, if the brewery buys Steve out and installs her.

Maria bridles when Frank arrives to check samples then suggests Carla attends a textile convention in London. Carla’s taken with the idea and plans to visit her mum too.

Also, Cheryl brags to Leanne when the headteacher tells her that Russ is a gifted child. Gail’s fed up with David and Kylie taking advantage.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liz and Jim know they’re caught bang to rights when Steve catches them in the pub with Richard and they’re forced to reveal why Richard’s in the pub. A row breaks out as Steve gives it to Liz both barrels, before firmly insisting to Richard that the Rovers is not for sale. Liz apologises to Richard ,but as he goes he gives her the ammunition to fight Steve. But as she uses it and Steve comes under fire Jim has a shocking proposition of his own.

Tyrone‘s visitor spots Sian in the cafe and sets about chatting her up. Amused, Sian toys with him when Sophie walks in. Amidst the fracas Tyrone arrives and is introduced to Tommy Duckworth, who explains he’s looking for Jack. Tommy’s gutted as Tyrone invites him back to the house, explaining Jack died. The two lads then bond over a beer and row with Kevin.

Graeme and Xin are bonded through adversity. As the locals ask questions about their wedding they’re forced make up tales of their love. As they tie themselves in knots their plan begins to unravel.

Also, in front of Jeff, Sally makes her intentions towards Kevin clear;

Cheryl and Leanne clash over the kids.

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