Can Kirk overcome his wedding day nerves?

Kirk manages to overcome his pre-wedding nerves and ties the knot with Beth. Meanwhile, Maria’s annoyed to see Luke at the reception and ignores him. Realising he’s not wanted, Luke downs his drinks and leaves. Maria catches up with him on the street and apologises for her behaviour and in an attempt to make it up to him, Maria invites him back to her flat.

Liz and Tony drag the guests out from behind the bar and unable to deal with the situation, Steve pushes past her. As Michelle enjoys a second date with Hamish in the bistro, Liz arrives begging her to help. Michelle’s at a loss for what to do so Liz makes a drastic decision – she tells Steve they are going to Spain for a holiday!

To Sinead’s embarrassment, Arlene flirts outrageously with Dev until Julie loses her temper and warns her off her boyfriend.

Billy arrives and apologises to Sean, explaining he had a crisis at work.