Can Kirsten prove she’s a reliable mum?

Fearing Kirsten has kidnapped Mickey, Janae calls the police, only to discover Ned gave Kirsten permission to pick him up. Ned is keen to sort out access arrangements for Mickey, but wants Kirsten to prove herself reliable as a mother first. When Kirsten learns Janae coached Mickey to lie about the fridge incident, she uses the information as leverage to ensure 50:50 access to her son, infuriating Ned.

Karl and Libby both put on a brave face in the wake of Susan’s MS diagnosis, while Rachel worries about worst-case scenarios and Zeke withdraws. Meanwhile, Susan is concerned that Mal, Libby and Billy will have an increased risk of contracting the disease.

Facing increasing pressure to pay off her debts, Valda sells her car to a dodgy dealer. When Steph and Toadie mistakenly believe the car has been stolen they call the police and Valda’s lies, like her finances, spiral out of control.

Also, after discovering that Josh’s interest in her is more than friendship, Bridget and Josh go on a date. Declan is jealous when he sees Josh and Bridget kissing.

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