Can Kyle convince Isla to come home?

Kyle convinces Isla to hand her children over to the police and Harry decides not press charges. Kyle and Isla drive back to Summer Bay and the pair head to Angelo’s for some alone time, as it’s closed in honour of the fundraiser.

After her check-up with Nate at the hospital, he drives Hannah home, as Chris heads off to set-up for the fundraiser. The pair talk about the event and Hannah says she’s not going.

Irene heads to the Farm House and convinces Hannah to attend. The night goes smoothly, until Irene takes to the stage to declare that the whole town understands what Hannah is going through. However, Hannah doesn’t appreciate the public declaration of support and says her operation was a mistake.

Ash heads off to meet his friend in a pub across town, but when his friend doesn’t show up, he starts flirting with a very attractive barmaid. And the next morning he wakes up beside her…