Can Kyle convince Kate to keep their secret?

Kate tries to contact Kyle to work out what they should tell Georgia but Kyle has gone to Frankston. Before Georgia heads off to Frankston she thanks Kate for everything she’s done. As Kate’s guilt piques, she offers to go to Frankston with her. Georgia’s appreciative, but insists she needs to do this on her own. While tutoring Amber, Kate learns that Imogen dumped Mason because he’s still hung up on Kate. Kyle returns from Frankston and learns that Georgia is on her way there to see him.

Josh becomes protective when he discovers Imogen is seeing Mason but when Brad and Terese find the kids arguing Josh covers for Imogen about the relationship. Amber’s crush on Josh deepens, but when she confronts him about his attitude to Mason she reveals more about her own feelings. Josh is dismissive of her and Amber is mortified.

When Terese tells Lauren and Susan that she’s getting ready for her monthly ‘date night’ with Brad, they pick up on the idea and make plans with their partners.

Lauren takes Matt to Harold’s for a romantic celebration but it takes an unexpected turn when Karl shows up to see the new Harold’s Store.