Can Kyle forgive his father?

Kyle tells Georgia he’s still unsure he can face his father. She reassures him, pointing out if there’s any family resemblance, it’s in the fact that Gary decided to face his punishment. Kyle is buoyed and decides to see Gary. At their final meeting, Gary realises Kyle wants him out of his life, but Kyle rises above his hurt to reassure Gary that he’s still part of the family and he’ll keep in touch.

Erin has her dependency program with Karl. She starts to feel good about her future when an email from Toadie informs them that Erin’s daughter Cat wants to meet up. This news sends Erin into a tailspin and she asks Sonya for money to buy a dress, to help give her confidence. When she then sees Erin walking down Ramsay St, she can’t resist following her – all the way to a drug assignation. Sonya’s disappointment is compounded when a mugger grabs her bag and knocks her to the ground.

Brennan realises how badly he hurt Naomi and after finding a buyer for her car, he apologises and she’s grateful he’s there for her.