Can Kyle stop Jade from leaving?

As Kyle ponders over Jade’s declaration of love for him, unbeknownst to him, she is preparing to leave town. Realising he still has feelings for Jade, Kyle tries to find her to sort things out, but he’s heartbroken when he realises that he’s too late – Jade has already left Ramsay Street. However, with Dane and Sonya’s encouragement, Kyle tries to find where she went, but with the taxi company refusing to tell him, he’s stuck.

Recalling her own failed race to stop Brennan, Kate pushes Kyle to find another way and Dane uses his best investigation skills to get the taxi company to tell him that she went to the bus terminal. The boys race there, and a relieved Kyle gets on the bus, only to find out it’s the wrong one. But his luck changes when Jade has a change of heart and the lovebirds finally get together!

Battered Chris is eventually found by concerned Lucas, who insists on taking him to hospital to get checked out. Suspecting his sexuality was the cause of the attack, Chris is reluctant but keeps his suspicions from Lucas. However, when Lucas learns homophobic Warren was the last customer Chris served before his beating, he seeks him out and demands answers. But is Warren to blame and how will he react to Lucas’s accusations?