Can Kylie resist Callum’s offer?

Callum pulls out a big wad of cash as he pays Kevin for his MOT. Kylie watches, wishing Callum would just disappear and leave her alone. When Callum then tries to tempt her into his car by showing her a bag of cocaine, Kylie finds the strength to walk away

Faye gives Gary the money she’s received from an aunt and tells him to buy a present for Jake. Gary’s gutted to discover he’s got the same gift as Anna. Humiliated, Gary returns Jake’s present, but then blows the money on beer. Anna, Owen and Faye are furious with him and Gary walks out, telling them he’ll spend Christmas elsewhere.

When Lloyd gets a call from the British Embassy to tell him Jenna’s been arrested in Spain, he tells Andrea he’ll have to fly out to Madrid immediately.

Roy suggests to Yasmeen they organise the soup kitchen at Roy’s Rolls and Sally offers up Sophie and Maddie’s services.