Lauren confesses Matt’s mistake to Brad and reveals her uncertainty about the future of their marriage. A defensive Matt resents the lack of support from his wife, especially given he’s forgiven her for her past mistakes. Facing a divide greater than they’ve ever known, Lauren and Matt are left to wonder if there is any way back from this.

The frisky fun has evaporated following Paige and Tyler’s failed kiss, with Paige forced to realise she still holds a flame for the other Brennan. Wanting to set things right with Tyler, a conciliatory Paige attempts to rectify their friendship by agreeing to go back to being mates. But it’s clear they still find each other attractive.

Paul pulls some strings to ensure Amber is out of town on a photography assignment before the wedding. However, Imogen comes to the rescue, offering to help Daniel finalise the wedding arrangements. But as Imogen struggles with her secret feelings for Daniel, Paul’s ploy to keep Amber at a distance suddenly takes on greater significance.