Leah is hungover. She tries to get Helen and Theo back together, but Helen is adamant it’s over. Theo let the business fail and secretly re-mortgaged their house. Leah’s shocked at how much money they owe and offers Dan’s money as a loan. Theo thinks it’s a great idea but this enrages Helen.

As Leah clears up the remains of the party, Theo arrives with his suitcases. Helen has thrown him out. Leah panics – there’s no way they can live together, but how can she tell her father that?

Hugo gives Alf a business proposal for the dive operation. Alf wants Roman’s advice, but he’s biased because of his feelings towards Hugo. When Alf turns it down, Hugo knows why and confronts Roman, who realises he may not have been fair. Hugo is delighted when Alf reconsiders. He realises Roman must have been responsible and sends him an acknowledging nod.

Charlie apologises to Roman for ruining his friendship with Martha. Meanwhile, Martha has gone in for breast reconstruction, which she keeps secret until Charlie spots her at the hospital. Martha explains that she didn’t want to worry anyone, but Hugo insists they are family now so she can rely on him.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 5*

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