Leanne apologises to Kal for blurting out that she loves him, but Kal assure her that it’s what he wanted to hear. Meanwhile, Nick’s incensed having been told by his solicitor that mediation is the way forward as Leanne is entitled to a substantial pay-out.

Gary and Katy rally round Owen, assuring him it’s not his fault he’s been declared bankrupt and they’re all in it together. Anna promises him they can put all their mistakes behind them and move on. Full of emotion the couple realise they might be able to get their relationship back on track if they continue to support each other.

Norris confronts Dennis and accuses him of stealing £20 from the till. It’s clear Rita thinks he’s to blame too but she feels terrible when Mary finds the missing £20 note on the floor. It seems Norris and played right into Dennis’s hands.

Also, Andrea begs Lloyd to forgive her and promises him that her marriage is over.