As Anne, Sally and Frank head off for a celebratory drink, convinced the jury will take Frank’s side now they’ve exposed Carla and Peter’s lies, a devastated Leanne pours her heart out to Stella.

Leanne reveals to a shocked Stella it was a drunken Carla who really ran her over, not Frank. Meanwhile, Peter finally tracks Leanne down and tells her how sorry he is for everything he’s done. Leanne’s in bits as it dawns on her how many times Peter’s lied to her about meeting his alcohol counsellor when really he was with Carla. But as she calms down Leanne starts to wonder if they can salvage their marriage.

Pointing out how Peter forgave her for her affair with Nick, Leanne suggests that in time perhaps she can forgive him in return. Peter insists he does love Leanne, but he’s also in love with Carla and what they have is different.

With the future of his family at stake and a devastated Simon to think of, Peter must either accept Leanne’s forgiveness or finally move on…