Can Leanne force Nick to admit he’s a liar?

The Platts are aghast as a hysterical Leanne denounces Nick for distressing Simon with his fake seizures. Alone Nick and Leanne have a heartfelt talk. Nick finally accepts that Leanne’s future is with Kal and agrees to a fair divorce settlement. Meanwhile, Kal’s son Zeedan phones, but hangs up at the mention of Leanne. It’s clear the couple have even more trying times ahead.

Carla’s furious to discover that Maddie has taken Eccles on a mercy dash to the vets in her car. Later, Maddie grovels to Carla, explaining her good intentions, and a sympathetic Carla agrees not to call the police.

Peter doubts he’ll be able to coerce Steve into visiting Jim, but Jim refuses to give him another drink until he manages it. Peter phones Steve and begs him to come and see him in prison, and Steve finally agrees.

Also, Lloyd and Steve stake out Neil’s house from their car and are highly amused when a children’s clown they booked knocks on his door.