Can Leanne forgive Dennis?

Leanne calls the wedding off, but Dennis is desperate to make it up to her and stages his own graduation ceremony at the Lad’s Pad. She’s overjoyed with her fiancĂ©’s efforts and decides to forgive him.

Sienna is still reeling from the engagement faux pas and Tom doesn’t help by rubbing the disaster in her face, but when Sienna collapses in pain, he watches as she is rushed to the hospital. When news reaches them that Tom’s run away out of guilt, Sienna tells Darren to go and find him. On her own Sienna tells the sonographer that there never was a baby but when she overhears Darren saying the baby is the only thing holding them together, she decides to keep the truth to herself.

Holly is in the flat on her own, unaware how much danger she’s in when Browning turns up at the door. Dr. Browning calls Cindy from Holly’s phone, just as Lindsey shows in two police officers to talk to her. Later, Browning heads off to his disciplinary hearing with Dr. Grey. It’s not good news when she fires him from the hospital.

Elsewhere, Nana pays the Savages a visit and gets her money back, unaware Dodger has only given her five per cent of what was in the mattress.