Nick is determined to go ahead with running his own bar and has the perfect person in mind to help. He offers Leanne the job of running the bar, but knowing that things could get too complicated she decides to turn him down flat. But Peter has other ideas and encourages her that it might work out.

Sally receives two tickets from an anonymous benefactor. She is bemused and asks Molly and Tyrone if they’re from them, but both deny all knowledge. Later, Tyrone tells Jack about it and when he talks about the other gifts people have received something in his response makes Tyrone suspicious and he is determined to find out what he’s hiding.

Anna doesn’t think Eddie understands how she feels about Gary being away – but he knows she has misread his true feelings and the pair are at loggerheads.

Also, Ciaran explain to Ryan he will have to tell Michelle about his plans to study in Glasgow sooner rather than later.

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