Leo is head over heels for Mishti, so he’s left disappointed when she turns down his offer to have lunch together. Mishti tells Leo that she’s having lunch with Shane and Dipi, but he’s then told by Shane that there are no lunch plans. On edge, Leo, takes advantage of the synced phones, tracks Mishti down and confronts her about why she lied about her plans. Will Mishti have a good reason for her lies?

Meanwhile, the news that Amy has been taken in for questioning spreads like wildfire. Sheila is horrified that Amy could be charged for a crime she didn’t commit and tells Gary if there is even the smallest chance that Amy could be charged with murder, she will be going to the police and telling them everything she knows.

Elsewhere, Aaron is also feeling guilty that Amy is being questioned, when he knows Tyler’s secret. At the station, Amy is rattled when the police reveal her fingerprints have been found on Hamish’s wallet. Luckily, Amy has a solid alibi and is forced to reveal who the wellness centre’s mystery investor is…

Also, Ben and Xanthe tend to Piper in her hour of need and Ben is in awe as he watches how caring Xanthe is. Does Ben still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend and, if so, will he have the courage to tell her how he feels?