Caroline’s (Hayley Mills) long-awaited return to Leopard’s Den is also a figurative entrance into the lion’s den, as the court case to decide the property’s fate is only days away.

Danny assures her that he has done everything possible to stop the mining company’s development efforts, applying for Leopard’s Den to become a Protected Environment, and inviting the National Parks assessor to come and visit.

Despite these assurances, Caroline can’t help but think that it might be best to take matters into her own hands – and what better way than to apply for a job as Peeters’ PA, with a view to learning more about the mining company’s plans?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, her husband takes a similarly gung-ho approach to the almighty challenge that lies ahead. However, is it really such a good idea for Du Plessis to sabotage the company’s construction efforts by putting snakes in their JCBs? After all, that court case is looming…